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SEAL is the umbrella organization of all States Exchange Fellows in Liberia. It membership is drawn from all State Exchange Programs. SEAL


We supports young people in training and practice, and advocates for quality care for women. We provide professional careers and identify mentors who helped them along the way. These relationships are generally informal and born out of these relationships through a formal mentor-mentee matching program and informal networking circumstance.

What Do You Gain From SEAL Mentorship

Knowledge: Provide mentees with feedback on their performance and suggestions on how to improve. A mentor teaches mentees skills they need to be successful. Experience: Build a partnership that focuses on personal and professional development. A mentor shares their experience and networks, and challenges mentees to grow in a safe environment. Advice: Provide information or an opinion about what another person should do in a specific academic or personal matter. A mentor gives honest input on handling difficult situations.

Mentorship Goals

Assist members in sharing their skills, knowledge, and expertise Demonstrate optimism and enthusiasm about the mentor-mentee relationship and the field of obstetrics and gynecology Promote ongoing learning and growth Provide guidance and constructive feedback


Our Youth Entrepreneurship Development is to improve employment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement opportunities for youth across Liberia. We are collaborating across the public, private, and civil society sectors to provide young people with high-quality entrepreneurship training that support their entry into the entrepreneur ecosystem in Liberia. and foster tangible improvements to their local communities. This initiative offers three integrated components: support employment, practical on-business training, and capacity building to youth-serving their local communities.


Our advocacy to end violence against women is closely linked with the elimination of discrimination, which in turn, is necessary to achieve full equality between men and women. We advocate on behalf of individuals who are the victim of violence within the community. We also carry on systems advocacy to change policy and practice at the local, national, or international level; to change the situation for groups of individuals who share similar problems. We advocate for improvement within the public system for the benefit of individuals.


Leadership development begins with the mind. At SEAL we work with leaders to help create truly human leadership and people-center organizations to ultimately deliver extraordinary results. We provide Potential Project’s Leadership development and mind training experience, backed by our in-depth research with over 1,000 State Exchange Alumni leaders worldwide who help in that process. We support grass-root organizations by providing staff capacity building training. Our leadership development training deepens people’s ability to lead by providing the tools and techniques required to create a new set of sustainable leadership behaviors.


One of the better-known benefits of our volunteering services is the impact on our community. The Unpaid volunteering services we provide are often the glue that holds our community together. One of the better-known benefits of SEAL volunteerism is the impact on our communities. Our unpaid volunteerism services are often the glue that holds our communities together. Volunteering allows us to connect to your community and make it a better place. At SEAL we believe even helping out with the smallest tasks in our communities can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need.


Our creativity and innovation aim to empower young people with pragmatic tools and techniques to enhance creative thinking and innovation in their organizations and communities to obtain superior results. We bring young people together as a team to come up with ideas and bringing them to life to solve problems and create opportunities. Where others see problems, we sense potential. When others stress over details, we see the big picture. Contact us at SEAL to bring your innovation to light.

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