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SEAL is the umbrella organization of all States Exchange Fellows in Liberia. It membership is drawn from all State Exchange Programs. SEAL


SEAL is the umbrella organization of all United States exchange fellows in Liberia. It is a professional networking organization that is made of fellows drawn from all works of life; ranging from politics to business, law, administration human resource management, agriculture, advocacy, research, consultants among others. Its membership stretch across all United States sponsored programs in Liberia to include the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF), Young African Leadership initiative (YALI) International Visitors leadership Program (IVLP), Full bright Fellows among others. With a membership of almost two thousand three hundred fellows (2300) SEAL ultimate objectives is to contribute towards a better Liberia with practical services to humanity. Being one of the nation’s largest professional organizations with a legacy of service to humanity, we crave to have this audience with you so to explore ways on how we could leverage ours skills, connections and expertise in complementing your work. The legacy of Mandala which we set out to uphold calls for service to humanity which we have gladly embraced.

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